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Cross & Church Towels


Our Cross & Church Painted Towels are a delightful addition to your kitchen or bathroom decor. Made from faux linen, this hand towel features a stunning painted design. It is ideal for drying dishes or hands, thanks to its absorbent and durable fabric that will last a long time. The towel is made from a blend of cotton, polyester, fibers, and wool, ensuring both softness and resilience. To keep it looking pristine, simply spot clean with a damp cloth. Measuring 14" x 21", it is a versatile and stylish essential for any home. Embrace the beauty of this painted hand towel and effortlessly enhance your daily routines.
Dimensions 21" x 14"
Material 46% C 45% P 7% Other 2% Wool
Care Instructions Spot clean with damp cloth.